The Right Place bar and lounge
The sign for The Right Place Bar & Lounge on Main Street in Woodruff

The Right Place sports bar and lounge is slated to open in late February with 5 HDTVs, pay-per-view sports, unique food, and mixed drinks.

Built by Mr. Jalapeño owner Fidel Ramirez, The Right Place hopes to become the premier venue for adults in Woodruff to relax, unwind, watch a game, and enjoy dancing and karaoke in a safe and friendly environment.

The idea to create The Right Place came from customers at Ramirez’s popular Mexican fare restaurant. “The weekend bar traffic has been increasing, and we don’t have a lot of space at the bar at Mr. Jalapeño,” noted Ramirez, adding, “some customers told me they would like an environment that was only for adults.”

The bar and lounge will show sporting events on its 5 HDTVs, including pay-per-view. It will offer 65 seats, 25 at the actual bar area and another 40 at tables. They also plan to have a DJ and karaoke on Friday and Saturday nights. When the weather warms up they will host corn-hole tournaments on the patio, which will feature a tiki bar and fire-pit.

The Right Place building
The sign on top of The Right Place building

Adult beverages available at The Right Place will include both domestic and import beers on draft and in bottles. They also plan to serve liquor shortly after opening and offer specialty mixed drinks not available anywhere else.

“We are trying to build something unique, that offers mixed drinks and foods not available at other nearby establishments,” Ramirez said. There will be a full-service kitchen at The Right Place. The food will include standard bar fares such as wings, fries, and burgers but also exclusives like grilled chicken egg rolls, fried pickles, and their homemade ‘Right Dip’.

“I credit our success to the support of the residents of Woodruff. They are a very loving and supportive people.” – Fidel Ramirez

Ramirez hopes to build an environment that is both fun and safe, by encouraging his staff to promote responsible consumption and recognize if a customer has had too much. “I have told my employees if they believe someone has reached their limit, you need to cut them off”. The Right Place will have an Uber driver on call at all times in the evenings so patrons will have alternative transportation if they have imbibed beyond the legal limit to drive. “I’m a parent myself, and I want to encourage our customers to drink responsibly to ensure they always get home safe to take care of their own children,” Ramirez noted.

Fidel Ramirez, owner of The Right Place and Mr. Jalapeno
Fidel Ramirez, owner of The Right Place at the bar in his restaurant Mr. Jalapeño

Ramirez was only 27 when he opened Mr. Jalapeño in Woodruff in March of 2014. “It was a big risk, we put in our life savings in to get it started, but when I visited Woodruff I saw there was a great opportunity to start a business,” Ramirez stated.

Despite the risks, Ramirez persevered with hard work and long hours to bring Mr. Jalapeno to success. Originally located where The Right Place is being created, Ramirez moved the restaurant into a building at Brown’s Crossing in north Woodruff when it outgrew the location.

“Woodruff is a great town to live in as a family, the residents love and support each other. They support me and I love them.” – Fidel Ramirez

Ramirez does what he can to give back to the community of Woodruff too, by supporting sports teams, churches, and other organizations. “Even when I cannot make a financial contribution, I try to give discounts and specials for Mr. Jalapeño to help support the people of Woodruff,” Ramirez said. He hopes he will receive the same support he got from the community for The Right Place that he got when he opened Mr. Jalapeño.

The Right Place is located at 807 N. Main St and will be open Wednesday and Thursday from 5 PM – 11 PM, and Friday and Saturday from 5 PM – 2 AM. They only plan to open on Sundays for special occasions like big sports games and pay-per-view events.



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