A customer wins Music Bingo at Rotties 221 Biergarten
A customer wins Music Bingo at Rotties 221 Biergarten

Music and trivia fans alike enjoyed a rocking good time at the weekly Music Bingo event inside Rotties 221 Biergarten that includes memorable tunes, cold brews, and fun prizes in a family and pet friendly atmosphere.

The free event, which is slated for every Thursday night at 7PM, features music from nearly every decade and genre and encourages players to dance, laugh, and sing along while trying to match songs to spaces on their bingo cards.

Players receive a bingo card filled with lyrics from popular songs. The DJ plays a song, and players hunt their cards for the lyrics that match. Players who complete a block of 5 spaces first win a gift card for Rotties 221, and bragging rights.

Bingo cards at Rotties 221 Music Bingo
The Music Bingo cards feature lyrics to songs

You don’t necessarily need to be a music encyclopedia nor have Jeopardy potential to get in on the fun with Music Bingo, you just have to be willing to listen and have a good time. The way the game is setup you’ll have a chance to win even if you don’t know the name of a song, or even recognize it; but it helps if you do.

“We had a great time tonight at Rotties 221 music bingo, I won twice and can’t wait to come back next week.” – Charley West

In all likelihood you’ll hear many tunes that you are familiar with that will get your feet tapping and head bobbing as you sing along and hunt your card for the lyrics, as was the case with the players last Thursday night.

Customers at Rotties 221 play music bingo
Customers at Rotties 221 play music bingo

The event is created by Top Shelf Trivia, which employs over 100 hosts to conduct trivia and bingo events at restaurants, bars, and private parties at locations on the East Coast.

Rotties 221 Biergarten owner Yana Kosic Allen noted that “music bingo is a riot. It’s a lot of fun and it brings people together.”

Allen encourages customers to head in early before the event starts on Thursday nights to try their new food menu that includes soup, fresh baked bread, and desserts like coconut banana pudding and red velvet peppermint trifles. Rotties features 24 craft beers on tap and they make it a priority to help customers find the perfect brew for their taste.

Instead of another boring Thursday night binge watching Netflix, head into Rotties 221 Biergarten to give Music Bingo a try. You’ll leave the event with new friends, a new favorite beer, and an old favorite song stuck in your head, plus you just may walk out as a winner!

Rotties 221 Biergarten is located at 221 S. Main St in Woodruff, SC. Music Bingo is every Thursday night at 7PM. Head in early to get a table and eat before the event.


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