City take over Animal Control

Spartanburg County has handed municipal enforcement of animal control over to the cities, including the City of Woodruff. Although it sounds like a big shift, in practice not much has changed.

Violations of the City of Woodruff animal ordinances, such as animals found running at large, nuisance barking, or lacking rabies tags, will now be enforced by the Woodruff Police. The change will not affect animals that need to be confiscated, sheltered, or vaccinated. Those issues will still be handled by the county, according to Jaime Nelson, Director of Spartanburg County Environmental Enforcement Department.

“For now we don’t know” if the change will add a strain on Woodruff Police resources, said Woodruff Police Chief Greg Ryan, adding “any increase in calls could increase demands on the officers.” Spartanburg County animal control resources themselves are stretched thin, with only 5 environmental enforcement officers handling an approximately 800+ square mile area.

City of Woodruff residents in need of animal control should still contact Spartanburg County Non-emergency Dispatch, which will assist in routing calls to the appropriate authorities in Woodruff.


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