VIDEO: Locals thankful for friends, family, faith

This article is part of a new video series named Questions on Main in which Woodruff News will ask local residents questions about life, living in Woodruff, and issues affecting the community.


With the Thanksgiving holiday right around the corner, Woodruff News took to the streets downtown to ask local residents what they are thankful for this year.

The most popular answers were friends and family, closely followed by faith. Another notable response was folks that were thankful for their good health and the health of their families.

One gentleman pointed out that men (and women) are all inherently good, and that if we focus on that fact “we will all be thankful”. Our favorite response of the bunch was a woman who said she was thankful to be “living in Woodruff”, as we are sure you can all relate.

Woodruff News wants to thank all the residents who participated in this video. This is the first in a new series Questions on Main that Woodruff News will conduct throughout the year. The series aims to get feedback and opinions from Woodruff locals on questions about life, living in Woodruff, and issues affecting our community.


  1. Woodruff is a close family oriented town. The people are so warm and loving.Proud to say I was born and raised in Woodruff.


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