Free Indeed Motorcycle Ministry at Woodruff Area Soup Kitchen

The Free Indeed Motorcycle Ministry donated turkeys for Thanksgiving to families and individuals in need at the Woodruff Area Soup Kitchen on Saturday morning.

With rain in the forecast, members of Free Indeed garaged their bikes and instead filled their pickups with turkeys to take to those in need. The mission of the group was to minister and provide Thanksgiving meal support to families in the Woodruff area.

Members of Free Indeed Motorcycle Ministry unload turkeys from a pickup at the Woodruff Area Soup Kitchen

The name of Free Indeed Motorcycle Ministry comes from a Bible scripture, John 8:36 that states “So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.” The Spartanburg chapter of the group was formed to help people who are down on their luck financially, benefit those who are in poor health, and support those who have medical expenses they can’t meet.

“We believe this is what we are called to do as Christians, and it’s my personal conviction to help those in need.” – Member Chris Wyatt

According to member Chris Wyatt, the group was compelled by their belief that “Jesus said to go out and serve” to create the Turkey Run event in 2017, which usually includes a motorcycle ride from I-85 to the Woodruff Area Soup Kitchen.

Free Indeed Motorcycle Ministry member Candy Williams gives a devotional to those in need before providing the turkeys

Knowing that some people “have a hard time providing a Thanksgiving meal,” the group decided to donate turkeys with hope that it’s enough to bring families together that might otherwise skip Thanksgiving due to the expenses.

The Spartanburg chapter of the Free Indeed Motorcycle Ministry is made up of about 20 members from local cities including Woodruff, Chesnee, Lyman, and Cowpens. The group is lead by President Chad Blake of Chesnee and Vice-President Scott Williams of Woodruff. The group recently expanded with two new chapters, one in Michigan and another in Kentucky.

Free Indeed Motorcycle Ministry Vice-President Scott Williams prepares Thanksgiving turkeys to give to those in need

“Some people still associate a bad image to bikers,” said Williams, “and some of us may look rough, but if people look deeper they will realize the good that we do. We’re not just out having a good time, we’re serving a purpose.”

Stan Sanders, the Chairman of the Board of the Woodruff Area Soup Kitchen, said “we’re really blessed by the 50 turkeys provided by the Free Indeed Motorcycle Ministry. We really appreciate them and what they do for us.”

You can visit the Woodruff Area Soup Kitchen website or Facebook page for more information on volunteering or making a donation. Those interested in joining or supporting the Free Indeed Motorcycle Ministry can find more information on their Facebook Page.

The next time a group of bikers rumbles by you on the Interstate, remember the story of Free Indeed Motorcycle Ministry and consider that they may not simply be out for a joy ride, but may be set on a course to provide support in your community.



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