Dr. Strzepek explains the results to Josephine McBeth
Dr. Strzepek explains the results of the hearing screening to Woodruff resident Josephine McBeth

Doctors from Davis Audiology volunteered their time last Friday and Saturday at City Hall to conduct free hearing screenings for residents of Woodruff.

The Woodruff screenings were part of a larger effort by Davis Audiology deemed the Mission of 1,000 Hearing Wellness Program. The purpose of the program is to raise awareness about hearing health by providing 1,000 free hearing screenings each year. The screenings offer a forum to encourage the community to take an active role in their personal hearing wellness.

Hearing screenings are comprised of a quick and painless procedure in which residents wear headphones and respond to a series of sound queues by touching a button on an iPad. Each ear is tested independently, which helps to pinpoint the source of a hearing loss, if there is any.

Davis Audiology free hearing screening
The iPad and headphones used to conduct the quick and painless hearing screenings by Davis Audiology

Results of the test are calculated instantaneously, along with an explanation of the findings. The screenings reveal whether or not hearing loss is present in one or both ears. The doctors then also help to explain the diagnosis to the person being screened.

According to Dr. Strzepek of Davis Audiology, regardless of age or hearing status “everyone should have their hearing screened annually as part of their overall wellness check.” Hearing loss is the third most common chronic disorder for Americans over 65 years of age and affects nearly 20% of the US population, approximately 48 million Americans.

One program participant, Woodruff resident Tina Finch Rice, said that she “hadn’t had my hearing checked since I was in school. I really appreciate Davis Audiology for taking the time to come out and conduct the tests for free.”

Tina Finch Rice takes a hearing screening
Woodruff resident Tina Finch Rice takes a hearing screening at City Hall

This year, the Spartanburg office of Davis Audiology has conducted hearing screenings for the YMCA in Spartanburg, the teachers and staff of several Spartanburg County school districts, senior living facilities, churches, City of Spartanburg employees, students and professors at Limestone College, and at the Palmetto Senior Expo, just to name a few.

Davis Audiology was founded in 2008 by Dr. Kristin Davis. They currently have office locations in Greenville, Spartanburg, and Simpsonville. The staff at Davis Audiology focuses on being a positive force in the community by building relationships with patients and residents through a culture of professionalism and caring.

If you missed the free screenings in Woodruff, there are more locations in our area that Davis Audiology will be visiting in the coming year. You may contact them via their website or by calling 864-655-8300 to find out where you can participate in a free screening in the future or to book an appointment at one of their offices.

The process is so quick, painless, and free there is little excuse not to participate. My own screening revealed I’m in good hearing health at this time. While that was a relief medically speaking, it’s left me with little explanation for my wife as to why I, as she says, “never listen.”


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